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Helping Veterans Thrive

When our Donor Partners support Combined Arms, they’re making a statement: veterans belong in Texas and it is our collective duty to make sure that they thrive here. We partner with the best of the best because we serve the best of the best. The corporations and other major donors who join us on our mission intrinsically understand the value of veterans and their influence on Texas.

Our sponsorship opportunities are as impactful as the veterans we support; our work offers something unique that stakeholders and employees rally behind.

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In Appreciation of Our Major Donor Partners

Combined Arms would like to thank the following Donor Partners whose generous funding and expertise make our important work possible. We salute you. 

Change Agent Partners

Our Change Agent sponsors are the backbone of Combined Arms. Through their generosity of $50,000+ financial and in-kind donations, we are changing veteran lives.

*This program is made possible in part by a grant from the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which is dedicated to ensuring that impacted post-9/11 veterans, service members, families, and their caregivers thrive long after they return home.

Market Disruptor Partners

Our Market Disruptor partners provide a foundation for our veteran community that is changing Texas for the better. Their $20,000+ donations keep our mission going strong.

Community Builder Partners

Our Community Builder partners provide strong sponsorship and partnership support for our major events, community, and affinity groups. Their donations build community, acknowledge their thought leadership, and create veteran opportunity.

Innovative Collaboration Partners

Our Innovative Collaboration partners provide in-kind contributions and expertise that keep us running strong. Their donations build community and create veteran opportunity.

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Combined arms is a certified 501(c)3, registered in the state of Texas and with the Internal Revenue Service.

EIN: 47-5648923

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