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Every veteran deserves a home. No matter where or when someone served, no matter how long they’ve been homeless, their service to this country is not forgotten and our responsibility to serve them isn’t either. Together with some of Houston’s best homeless services organizations, Combined Arms is committed to making sure every veteran that reaches out to us finds a safe place to sleep.

Our Homeless Services Partners Include:

Family Services of Greater Houston
Family Services of Greater Houston
Mental Health America
Mental Health America
Workforce Opportunity Services
Workforce Opportunity Services

Homeless Services Resources

  • Homeless Services
  • Utilities Assistance
  • Mortgage & Rent Assistance
  • Food Assistance
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In order to end veteran homelessness.

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If I were to encounter a veteran in need of any services or help, I would introduce them to Combined Arms. If a veteran needs anything, [they] have the information, tools and team to assist. [They provided] a much needed welcoming arm when I needed it the most. Their team went above and beyond, and assured me that they would support me until everything was alright.

Reshonah Osborne

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