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The Story of Combined Arms

A note from our Chairman of the Board, Bryan Foster:

Dear veteran supporter,

The idea for Combined Arms began where many ideas do—around a dinner table with friends, three Houston-based veterans, each of us with our own post-military life story and each of us with our own unique transition journey. Having served our nation as an Air Force pilot, Army medic and Naval officer, we knew too many of our brothers and sisters who returned home after serving our country only to struggle in their transition to civilian life.

Each of us knew this process, as only someone who has ever transitioned out of the military can understand, and we recognized the confusion and the flaws in the process. We saw the need for an organization that could empower veterans to carefully and strategically navigate life post military and envision a life of impact and meaning.

And Combined Arms is now that single front door that veterans and their families can walk through to find what they’ve been looking for. We are combatting the transition chaos by assessing the veteran holistically, connecting them directly to the resources they are looking for and making the process more efficient through a combined effort.

Out of that, our mission was born:

“To unite the community to accelerate the impact of veterans on Houston.”

Today, Combined Arms is every Houston veteran’s new unit—their new homebase. And we are streamlining the fragmented and highly populated VSO landscape to overcome the challenges transitioning veterans are facing. Through customized assessments and resources based on individual veteran needs, Combined Arms is simplifying how veterans connect to the resources they need by bringing a data-driven approach together with a collaborative, connected model of service delivery so that veterans and the community are united after the uniform.

But our mission doesn’t stop there. We see firsthand the impact that Houston veterans have on our city’s economy and we are on our way to ensure that Houston is the premiere post-military destination for veterans from across the country, and we are connecting with the world’s largest corporations to ensure they tap into these valuable assets, helping to bring transition full-circle

We are glad you’re here—Please take your time to explore our site as you learn about our Impact, take a deep dive into the Services we connect our veterans to and sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch.

Take your time to explore our site as you learn about our Impact, take a deep dive into the Services we connect our veterans to and sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch.

Houston is known for our commitment to giving back and, at Combined Arms that couldn’t be more true. We are surrounded by world-renowned corporate Donor Partners and are consistently impressed by our Individual Donors who go out of their way to lift up and encourage our veteran community. At the end of the day, how will we serve those who served us? Combined Arms is here to ensure that Houston veterans make a lasting impact and that our city thrives as a result.

Together, we are United After the Uniform.  Together, we are building a prosperous Houston for all.

Thank you for your support,

Bryan Foster and the Combined Arms Houston Unit

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